Employers Page

The job application portal is free to use for both employers and employees.  Neither employer nor applicants are obligated to use or accept the applications except when the job is advertised publicly by the employer.   
  No need for applicants to drive and apply in your hotel while they can complete the Application Form in the comfort of their home.
Employers save time and money by accepting applications online.
   The applications will arrive in your mailbox automatically as soon the applicants submit the form online.
  The applicants have no access to your email and/or name, unless when you have included them in your paid ads.
  We recommend to create a mailbox to save the applications. Search for the applications anytime you need to fill a job. There is no other method faster and more reliable than this to fill your vacancies.
  You have access to a larger employee pool and so can make better choices.
  It is free.
Paid Services:
  Hotel Logo on the top and listed on the job application page; $45/month if paid annually.
  Hotel rotating banner on the main page $99/Month if paid annually
  Customized Online Application form and delivery $165 / Year
Management Search Package:
Hire Smarter.  The package includes:
  o   Nationwide Confidential Search
  o   Application Accuracy Check
  o   Background Check
  o   Knowledge Test
  o   Personality Test
  o   Preliminary Interview (optional)
  $1,495 for the package.  

Contact for further info and paid services.